Women Artists in the Modernist Tradition


I have been collecting women artists in the modernist tradition since 1982.  When I began I had a limited art education and a small amount of funds. These reasons alone forced me to seek out the undiscovered, the unknown, and gave me the gift of buying paintings that I responded to on a visceral level.  After more than 25 years I now recognize that these paintings carry unifying and significant themes. Some of these themes explore areas that reveal our relationship to nature, some themes turn to a redefining of faith that becomes identified with the study of spirit or life force.  Though in theory I’m shaping this collection I continue to find evidence that the collection is shaping me.  I’m interested in considering the reasons we connect with these images rather than justifying my reasons for collecting images solely by women artists. For me, a compelling answer lies in the power of these paintings to reveal truths about our connection to nature and to spirit.



Modernism – Women Artists






Alvarez, Mabel

Andrews, Sybil

Bracher, Fani

Berresford, Virginia

Bernstein, Theresa

Botke, Jessie Arms

Bourke-White, Margaret

Brown, Abigail Keys

Bubley, Esther

Caparn, Rhys

Carrington, Leonora

Catlett, Elizabeth

Cuthbert,  Virginia

Dehner, Dorothy

de Lempicka, Tamara

Duckworth, Ruth

Engelhard, Georgia

Falkenstein, Claire

Gearhart, Frances Hammel

Gill, Andrea

Green, Gertrude

Grotell, Maija

Hone, Evie

Jellett, Mainie

Kajiwara, Hisako

Kavin, Zena

Klien, Erika Giovanna

Koch-Otte, Benita

Lee, Doris

Lum, Bertha

Lundeberg, Helen

Nevelson, Louise

Niguma, Rose

O’Keeffe, Ida Ten Eyck

Patterson, Margaret

Pelton, Agnes

Pepper, Beverly

Reeves, Ruth

Ronget, Elisabeth

Shore, Henrietta

Stiebel, Hanna

Swanzy, Mary

Takaezu, Toshiko

Van Horn, Lucretia

Vezelay, Paule

Watson, Adele

Welton, Elise

Winslade, Dorothy

Woodman, Betty


Jeri L. Waxenberg Wolfson

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